My third kiln load: Failures & Successes

Check out my new Youtube video! I’m still flying blind trying to learn how to use my old Cress Electric Kiln FE-25-A. Join me on my third batch of bisque and glaze firing. Still learning how to measure and control temperature. Also, see the results for my first time using a custom silk screen I had made by Mayco, as well as new Jungle Gems glazes. Having a constant battle with “crazing” will not stop me! So any tips and suggestions please feel free to leave me in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “My third kiln load: Failures & Successes

  1. Dave Gendry says:

    Always interested in what other potters are doing. Been laying low for about a year now. When i’m active I do cone 6 stoneware and raku. Right now i’m In the middle of a 150 mile move and, oh yeah, a pandemic.


    • hardshellslimysnail says:

      Thank you for visiting my page! Have safe travels on your move! I can’t wait till the pandemic is over!! I really hope to learn how to do Raku, it looks so amazing. But for now I am sticking to just learning low fire for now.


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