Read my lips Challenge – Ceramic Giveaway

The first YouTube Subscriber to guess the song name and artist and write it in the comments will win the handmade ceramic planter that I made in this video. Watch the video in awkward silence as I have fun making a pot and singing my little heart out! If no one guesses the song in … Continue reading Read my lips Challenge – Ceramic Giveaway

My third kiln load: Failures & Successes

Check out my new Youtube video! I'm still flying blind trying to learn how to use my old Cress Electric Kiln FE-25-A. Join me on my third batch of bisque and glaze firing. Still learning how to measure and control temperature. Also, see the results for my first time using a custom silk screen I … Continue reading My third kiln load: Failures & Successes

How to make Ceramic Tiles Part 1

I am now on my third class teaching my friends on Zoom how to do basic ceramics. I am still learning myself, but it has been really fun to share the things that I have learned. It has been hard to get everyone's schedules all in synch. So it has been requested that I make … Continue reading How to make Ceramic Tiles Part 1

My second kiln load

I'm still learning how to use my old Cress Electric Kiln FE-2-A. It is so exciting to learn about clay and ceramics and pottery. It has always been my dream to be a full time artist. Join me on my journey! Kiln Diary Notes: 9/12/20 My 2nd Bisque Fire. My goal was to get … Continue reading My second kiln load

First EVER Glaze Fire

Success and Failures! My first glaze fire to cone 6 with my old Cress FE-25-A electric kiln. Using Dave's Porcelain Laguna clay and a mysterious "Chocolate Pudding" clay I got in an unmarked bucket as a gift, my closest guess is that it is a stoneware clay?? Also a mystery sculpture clay from 18 years … Continue reading First EVER Glaze Fire

Word to the Worm!

How do you beat the triple digit heat wave that has been pounding California this summer? Stay inside and make clay worms of course! This was my first time playing with Super Sculpey oven bake clay. It was a lot easier to use than I anticipated! I really couldn't believe how detailed you can get … Continue reading Word to the Worm!