Classes for now are only open to local Modesto, CA participants who would like to learn, buy small quantity supplies and have their project fired in a kiln.


$1.50 per lb of clay (Amount needed for one project).

$6 per project kiln fee.

$6 flat rate for glaze. This covers as many colors as you need for one project.

$13.50 Total for one project. Including: Clay + Glaze + Kiln Fee.

General Supply List: 

-Towel (rag will get very dirty)

-Washcloth or paper towels

-Water bowl


-Flat surface to work on (will get very dirty)

-Flat surface to store project on, large enough for project, small enough to fit in a grocery bag. (Can use small wood planks, ceramic tiles, small cutting boards etc..)

-Paint brush (small)

-Needle tool (can use safety pin/ sewing pins)

-Twisty ties (to keep bag closed)

-Carving tool (can use skewers, tooth pics, chop sticks)

-2 Bags to keep project in (grocery bag or produce bag)

Friday July 17th Coil pot project part 1

Friday August 14th Coil pot project part 2 Glazing

Friday August 28th Leaf Plate project part 1. Friday Sept. 4th Glazing Leaf Plate.

2 thoughts on “Classes

  1. Ana Medina says:

    I absolutely love Athena’s class. She is so patient and takes her time with you. This is my first time taking ceramics class as an adult and I love it. Athena makes it easy to learn and it’s so relaxing to work on your project. I have done all the projects so far and will continue attending. Athena is fantastic!!! I highly recommend taking her classes ♥️♥️♥️

    Liked by 1 person

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