Bisque Electric Kiln

My First Kiln Load!

My first time using a Kiln on my own EVER! An old Cress FE-25-A was handed down to me. I am forever grateful for this old beauty! It is in amazing condition and fired up great! I can’t find a instruction manual anywhere. Cress only has manuals for their newer models, that I have seen on their website. It is an electric kiln but it doesn’t have a Pyrometer or a Kilnsitter, so I am completely reliant on the cones to tell the temperature. I used instructions for newer models to try to formulate a firing plan.

Cress FE-25-A Electric Kiln

Cone 05 didn’t fully bend
Sculpture of my husband I started 19 years ago and never finished in school!

I have been experimenting using Porcelain and Earthenware clays. I also experimented with Mayco glazes to see how they do in a bisque fire. I used Foundations, Fundamentals and Stroke & Coat. It’s been so much fun experimenting and seeing the results.

Mayco Stroke & Coat, 3 coats, came out more translucent than expected. I love the soft glossy feel!
Mayco Foundations Opaque, 3 coats. Some areas did not get fully covered and chipped off, might be from re-heating the kiln.

Mayco Fundamentals Underglaze, 3 coats. Turned out beautiful!!! Can’t wait to clear coat it!!

I’ve learned so much so far and can’t wait to do the next firing. I am going to try to get to cone 6 for glazing. The kiln should be able to reach this heat, if I can just figure it out! If anyone out there has an old Cress kiln like mine please leave a comment! I would love to hear from you! If you have any glaze suggestions let me know! I feel like I’m flying blind here! I can’t wait to get better so I can start selling fun ceramic ware! This truly is my dream job. I love every aspect of the ceramic process. I’m so thankful I have this window of opportunity to pursue my dream!

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