Shimpo Nidec Slab Roller Tile Making Demonstration

In this video I will introduce you to Brian my new Shimpo Nidec Slab Roller! I am so excided he is finally here. I will share his long journey to arrive in my studio, which reminded me of Brian Robson and his long journey home. I will also show how to make ceramic tiles using the new slab roller.  

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List of Tools I used in Video:

*Shimpo Nidec Slab Roller:

-30″ Slabs .01″ to over 2″ thick. Heavy-duty slab roller can produce up to a 3″ thick slab. Two-roller system evenly distributes pressure on slab to reduce warping. Dual hand wheels and thickness indicator provide synchronized fine adjustment and allow for precise control of slab thickness. Wagon wheel handle provides effortless feeding of slab through rollers in either direction. Large 30″ x 50″ table. Comes with one canvas set.

*Laguna Whiteware Clay EM342:Tiles were bisque fired to cone 04, then glaze fired to cone 04


-Clean Up Tool B3

-Steel Scraper (with “teeth”)

*Polymer Ribs

-Shape 1 Polymer Rib Tool

*Carpenter Square (right angle ruler)


*Dull Pencil

*Two planks of Dry Wall (Sheet Rock)

*Mayco Glaze:

-Underglaze: Jet Black, Regal Purple, Marine Blue, Leaf Green, Apple Green, Bright Yellow

-Clear One dipping glaze

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