Kiln Thermocouple Type K Cress

Replacing Kiln Thermocouple Type K

Check out my new video on how I replaced my old Cress Electric Kiln Thermocouple with the new Type K model.

Cress was able to send me the new updated model for my kiln. Type K Y-1028 Thermocouple. For my Cress Electric Kiln FE-25-A. The stem is about 4″ making the whole unit a little less than 5″ in length. See below for the step by step instructions that Cress sent me. Their customer service has been fantastic! I am so new at learning about my kiln. It has been hard to find any videos or information in regard to my specific model. So I figured it would be helpful to supply the information I have to others that may be looking for it.

Thermocouple Replacement Instructions Type K Cress

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