Moonrise Kingdom Raven

Costume parties are probably one of my all time favorites. I had a very limited time to whip up a costume for a movie character theme. I instantly thought of Suzy’s Raven costume from Moonrise Kingdom.

I made the bird head out of old black T-shirts, button eyes and a paper beak. Super easy and didn’t take too much time.

3 thoughts on “Moonrise Kingdom Raven

  1. Christina Rayburn says:

    Love your idea using black t-shirts. Question, how did you combine the shirts together to make the headpiece?? Trying to do this for this weekend and feel lost and don’t want to spend a lot of $$. Thanks!


    • hardshellslimysnail says:

      Hello! I measured my head/neck from top to bottom length and width. I made a pattern for a hood on paper with my sizes. I made a solid hood with my measurements. I made the hood with about 3” leeway so I would have room to alter it. Once the hood was finished and fitted properly, I used the rest of the t-shirt material. I cut it in strips then cut the feathers out of the strips. I then sewed the feathers onto hood starting from bottom. Making sure each strip going up over lapped. I hope this wasn’t too confusing. I think I used about 3 black shirts to make the whole project.


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