My first local organic food box!

This week starts another adventurous food trial for me. I have been dealing with chronic migraines now for years. I’ve gone down the list of things to try to identify the cause. I’m fed up with traditional doctors. I’ve gotten no where with all the different meds they tried out on me and still no closer to find out why I get them so frquently. All my wonderful friends and family have a million suggestions and remedies. So I’m just making my way through the never ending list of them. Last week I started to see an Alternative Medical Practioner for the first time. This step was seriously my last straw because all the testing and visits are out of pocket and very expensive. But my quality of life is so crappy at this point I’m desperate to find some sort of relief. We are doing a bunch of test with blood, saliva and poo-poo (let’s hope I never have to do that again). But to start she recommended I join an organic food co-op, and try out gluten, gmo and soy free diet. In the past I have tried a 30 day all juicing detox and I have also tried a 3 month vegan diet. But it’s sooooooo hard! Meatless is the easiest, I can do without meat no problem. But shrimp, cheese and pretzels are my all time favorite foods. And BEER!! No gluten means no IPAs! Blah! But to get rid of migraines would be worth it so I am going to give it a go. So I’m going to make it clear, the reason I’m writing this blog is self motivation. So any encouraging comments or helpful suggestions would be welcome! (But please no nasty comment trolling, if you don’t have anything positive to say… keep it to yourself or tell your cats, no room for it here)

This brings me to my beautiful food box! I signed up with a local farm called You sign up online and then you choose a pick up spot closest to you. They even deliver! The one closest to me is in a beautiful art gallery downtown, how cool is that!

So the adventure begins! Some of the things I got in my box I had neither seen nor heard of before. Friseé? Nope never heard of that! And the Daikon Raddish, that ginormous root looking thing just may haunt my dreams. But Hey! It’s an ADVENTURE! The cool part about this Community Suported Program, is that with each weeks box they also give recipes that go along with what you get. That has proven to be very helpful. With the help of these as well as some other recipes I found online I should be set. Check out my Pinterest page if your interested in the yummy recipes I’m going to try here.

Very excited to get popcorn right off cob. That’s a first! It was so yummy! I had to pick all the kernels off, then cooked 1/2 cup of them with 3tbl spoon of coconut oil. Then I added sea salt and a little sugar. Ummmmm…. yummy! It filled the hole that my pretzels left. I still have more kernels so I will save them for another night.

Also to ensure the leafy greens don’t go bad I made a bomb salad straight away… check out the reciepe here.

2 thoughts on “My first local organic food box!

  1. Lori says:

    So proud of you, cuz! I know how hard it can be to deny yourself your favorite goodies for the sake of your health. Wishing you all the best in your new adventure! (As a replacement for cheese, are you familiar with nutritional yeast, AKA nooch? It’s got a nice cheesy flavor that goes well on popcorn and in soups, salads, and sauces.)


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