Word to the Worm!

How do you beat the triple digit heat wave that has been pounding California this summer? Stay inside and make clay worms of course! This was my first time playing with Super Sculpey oven bake clay. It was a lot easier to use than I anticipated! I really couldn't believe how detailed you can get … Continue reading Word to the Worm!

Kickstarter Fundraising April 2016

Visit My Kickstarter Project Page! http://kck/st/1qc7cuE Visit My Etsy Store To Order My Greeting Cards!¬†HardShellSlimySnail.etsy.com What is Kickstarter? Kickstarter is a company that helps you get financial backing for a project by means of a fundraiser. For me, I used it to help raise enough money for my Greeting Card Project. My goal was to … Continue reading Kickstarter Fundraising April 2016

Narwhal Love by Athena Mariah LaRue

Let's face it Narwal's are rad. They are on the fringes of mythical, majestic and radical! I have always wanted to draw one. So here it is! Maybe some day I will add some color to it. But for now it is just a black pen drawing. Fun facts about Narwhal's: 1: That beautiful horn … Continue reading Narwhal Love by Athena Mariah LaRue

The Adventures of Onion Boy – Chapter One: Birth

All epic stories have a beginning. In this 24 page tale you will embark on a journey to a world like no other. With fine detailed black and white graphics, in a 8.5" x 11" format, you will be dazzled and entertained. Find out how Onion Boy the Great became a Revolutionary Leader with the … Continue reading The Adventures of Onion Boy – Chapter One: Birth