How to make Ceramic Tiles Part 1

I am now on my third class teaching my friends on Zoom how to do basic ceramics. I am still learning myself, but it has been really fun to share the things that I have learned. It has been hard to get everyone's schedules all in synch. So it has been requested that I make … Continue reading How to make Ceramic Tiles Part 1

My second kiln load

I'm still learning how to use my old Cress Electric Kiln FE-2-A. It is so exciting to learn about clay and ceramics and pottery. It has always been my dream to be a full time artist. Join me on my journey! Kiln Diary Notes: 9/12/20 My 2nd Bisque Fire. My goal was to get … Continue reading My second kiln load

Kiln Thermocouple Type K Cress

Replacing Kiln Thermocouple Type K

Check out my new video on how I replaced my old Cress Electric Kiln Thermocouple with the new Type K model. Cress was able to send me the new updated model for my kiln. Type K Y-1028 Thermocouple. For my Cress Electric Kiln FE-25-A. The stem is about 4" making the whole unit a … Continue reading Replacing Kiln Thermocouple Type K

First EVER Glaze Fire

Success and Failures! My first glaze fire to cone 6 with my old Cress FE-25-A electric kiln. Using Dave's Porcelain Laguna clay and a mysterious "Chocolate Pudding" clay I got in an unmarked bucket as a gift, my closest guess is that it is a stoneware clay?? Also a mystery sculpture clay from 18 years … Continue reading First EVER Glaze Fire

Bisque Electric Kiln

My First Kiln Load! My first time using a Kiln on my own EVER! An old Cress FE-25-A was handed down to me. I am forever grateful for this old beauty! It is in amazing condition and fired up great! I can't find a instruction manual anywhere. Cress only has manuals for their newer models, that I have … Continue reading My First Kiln Load!

2020 Coronavirus Quarantine -Filling time with clay

We are living in crazy times. World wide people are being effected by this horrible Pandemic the Covid-19 Coronavirus. Here in California we are under Quarantine. I made a video of how this Pandemic has changed the course of our families life. It has been a long time since I have posted anything on my … Continue reading 2020 Coronavirus Quarantine -Filling time with clay