Narwhal Love by Athena Mariah LaRue

Let’s face it Narwal’s are rad. They are on the fringes of mythical, majestic and radical! I have always wanted to draw one. So here it is! Maybe some day I will add some color to it. But for now it is just a black pen drawing.

Narwhal by Athena Mariah LaRue drawing

Narwhal Love by Athena Mariah LaRue

Fun facts about Narwhal’s:

1: That beautiful horn is really a canine tooth. (What?!) And can grow to be 10 feet long!

2: Male’s can get up to 18 feet long. It is considered a medium sized whale.

3: Lives in the Artic Ocean’s.

4: Narwhal’s are social and can use that long tooth as a means of communication.

5: When does the Narwhal bacon? Apparently at midnight.

Juturna album cover for Circa Survive, drawn by Athena Mariah LaRue. Original Album art by Esao Andrews

Juturna album cover for Circa Survive by Athena Mariah LaRue

Juturna album cover for Circa Survive by Athena Mariah LaRue

Tonight we are taking our son Ibanez to his first rock concert. This is a very special show for us. In January of 2006 my husband was diagnosed with Leukemia. The album Juturna was a gift to us that month. While Mike underwent months of intensive cancer treatments, we found solace in that beautiful album. Circa Survive had instantly become one of our favorite bands. We have a very emotional attachment to the music. It helped us get through some very difficult times. Our son was only 3 at the time, so this album and the others to follow became the sound track of our family.

Tonight Circa Survive is celebrating the 10 year anniversary of this album and is playing songs from it at The Warfield in San Francisco. All the years that we have gone to their shows, Ibanez was always too young to go with us. We thought this was a perfect show to bring him now that he is a teenager and the fact that the Warfield has balcony seats, (so we are safe from moshers!).

I drew this pic for my sweet boy. Can’t wait till tonight! Let’s dance our socks off!