Bridal Shower DIY

love banner

I had the privilege of making the decorations for a dear friends Bridal Shower. I used an old song book to make flowers, flags and heart banners.


The flowers were a variety of sizes, shapes and kinds. It was surprisingly easy to make the flowers, but incredibly time consuming. So I just sat with my little table, hot glue gun and paper in front of the TV each night and marathon-ed old episodes of Survivor while gluing the night away. [Survivor is my guilty pleasure!! Trying to get through all the seasons]

For the flower jars I used old spaghetti mason jars. I painted them with acrylic paint on the inside, leaving about an inch and a half at the bottom unpainted. I took about three layers of acrylic paint to coat it. Once that was dried I used Mod Podge on the bottom and sprinkled glitter to coat.


To decorate the walls I made little paper flags out of the song book pages. One flag had the couples name and the other said ‘True Love”. I strung them with hemp twine and put them in front of some tulle material.

name banner

I also made a sandwich board A-frame sign for the entrances. This was made out of old pallet wood and scrap wood from an old fence. From trash to treasure!


Last but not least I cut out what felt like a million small paper song book hearts. I glued them together on a long string to make garlands to decorate the tents.


Everything turned out super cute and the bride and groom to be were very happy. It was a very budget friendly way to decorate, but incredibly time consuming! All-in-all it was totally worth the time and effort.


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