Blossom Tree now for sale!


Blossom Tree by Athena Mariah LaRue

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I’m very excited to have my Blossom Tree painting up for sale in my Etsy shop. I had them printed on high quality canvas called giclee. This tree is actually a part of a larger painting of an owl that I have been working on. I had a friend special request having just the tree printed for them. It turned out great! Even though it is a digital print of the original, you can still see the paint brush strokes so it looks like an original painting.

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DIY Painted Poem Wood Sign

Check out my first YouTube ‘How To’ video! It was really fun video taping the whole process of doing a project and making a video out of it. I’m hoping to do more in the future. I’ve learned so much by watching other ‘How To’ videos, I thought it would be nice to contribute to the YouTube universe on some of the things I have learned to do.

This was a gift I made for a friends Anniversary. She had a specific poem she wanted painted on a wood sign. I recorded the whole process, made a simple video and even made my own music for the soundtrack. (Don’t laugh, it was my first attempt at writing an instrumental song). Ok you can laugh! I certainly did! So I won’t be quitting my day job and become a musician any time soon… or for that matter a professional YouTuber. But it was super fun doing it and I’m sure I will get better as I do more.

Custom Octopus Apron


Custom Octopus Apron by Athena Mariah LaRue

My friend gave me a blank canvas apron and requested an octopus to be put on it. I was really excited for this custom art request. Of course the day I had scheduled to start the project I happened to be on day 3 of what turned out to be a 6 day migraine. Ew!! But it is no joke that “Art is Therapy”. So although, the medicine I took that day mildly dulled my headache, I decided to go on with the project. I had just the perfect colors in my acrylic art box to paint her with. After the 6 day migraine passed I realized, “Oh no! I just painted on an apron with non washable acrylic paint!”. I guess next time I will have to wait to have a clear head to start a project! I totally could have gotten washable fabric paint or fabric pens. That was the original plan! Total brain dead move! Oh, well! When I finished the octopus I sprayed it over, and over about eight times with a acrylic spray sealant. So she will be able to wipe if off with a damp wash cloth if it gets dirty, but unfortunately I don’t think it would hold up in a washing machine. Lesson learned. But over all she was VERY happy with the finished product and promised not to cook spaghetti while wearing it.